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After reading a lot of corporate magazine and case studies of several companies i realized that most of the successful companies have great story behind their achievements, earned by hard work and dedicated team of professionals. ‘Team’ – the word caught my attention and made me write this blog and share my views over team bonding. In this blog, we will discuss about different aspects of team bonding like how people with different opinions work on same project and make that successful despite having different opinions and behaviors, what keeps them united? How one can implement team building programs in more effective and efficient way?  What programs would be beneficial for a team? What are key advantages of team building programs?

Team building practices are the most effective learning approach that enhances communication among the teammates, polish their skills and improve morale, performance and productivity. Realizing the significance of team work and experiencing a sense of achievement while working as a team is a very challenging task. The corporate turmoil is the good reason to plan team building programs for the employees. For organizing team building programs or session you can logon to

These practices are based on problem solving skills which help unite a team and make them work together, learn about each other and laugh together. These activities encourage and strengthen the team as group which is ready to face challenges together and work for the company’s progress. Team building practices are more like realistic experiences that motivate employees to work together by sharing laughs, thoughts and knowledge. The challenging and fun activities provide various potential advantages to organization like

  • Improved Communication

In my team building workshops and programs, I noticed that teammates love to participate in fun activities, share good laugh and experiences and feel content. I found that communication gap get diminish between employees and encourage them to enjoy the session, especially to the employees who are introvert, not used to work together and participate. While performing these fun activities the hidden talents and strengths of employees get highlighted and make them learn new ways to work together. Teammates interact with each other, understand their thoughts, emotions and behavior. This helps them experience the importance of good communication.

  • Develop Team Roles

Team building activities play a major role in development of team roles and realization of assigned responsibilities. We cannot be diplomatic by denying the fact that some of us are good at managing team, some got perfection in delegating the work, accomplish targets, checking errors and other workplace related tasks. Mostly, teammates have roles and responsibilities that surprisingly suit them. These recreational activities enable team members to find themselves as important part of the organization, develop skills and focus on what they are best at.

  • Learn and develop skills

‘I don’t have time’, is a very common excuse that is actually spoiling our lives and restrict us to learn something new and worthy. Well, I do agree that we are really very busy with our professional lives and sometimes don’t get enough time to spend with family and friends. In such busy schedule, team building programs get you time to develop and learn new skills.

  • Long-Term Benefits

The recreational team building activities bring long term benefits to the organization. Every business is capable enough to earn huge success and profits only if it has a strong and dedicated team. These small deals make worthy outcomes by allowing the employees to put mutual efforts and skills and enabling them to respond instantly to the ongoing changes. It also helps in accomplishing cross functional challenges, providing greater sense of belonging, contribution and involvement, while retaining the skilled employees, strengthening them to be more focused and goal conscious.

  • Better Relationships

Well, this is the best outcome of the team building programs or activities. These practices provide opportunities to employees to participate together and design team process skills to accomplish the assigned tasks successfully. This makes them experience the power of mutual efforts, knowledge and skills and establish better relationships.

Some other benefits include

  • Develop trust, creativity and confidence
  • Motivate teammates to accomplish goals
  • Enhance decision making ability
  • Increase tolerance between teammates
  • Less conflict
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Improve business profit
  • Renewed team spirit
  • Establish positive work environment

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