A couple of days ago, while reading a personal blog, I noticed a reader’s comment who intended to question on the blogger’s integrity and intentions, as it was concerned to how he does business. This reader was harsh and direct. Though, he just expressed how he felt. I scrolled down and started reading response of another reader who commented, “Wow, isn’t it a great learning opportunity for both of you.” Later, he defended the blogger with passive, but aggressive wordings.

This critical comment created a space for both the reader and the blogger to learn something. It’s all about having the courage to express yourself and speak up. Simply,  we can say that it is a way to communicate more effectively. To feel the essence of success, it is important to have strong communication skills, especially when it comes to corporate world, where people with similar qualifications and talents are competing with each other for same designations and opportunities. You can access the motivational and self help material on www.miteshkhatri.com.

In such challenging situations, your personal communication and interpersonal skills are the real determining factors. The way you talk, the way you present yourself, carry yourself and impress others can break or make your personal brand. According to a survey, the verbal communication skills are the most important character of a person to access his/ her identity. Just like guitar playing, you can improve your communication skills.  We strive to master these skills, so here are some tips to improve your communication skills.

Be friendly

The happy and friendly people have charming personality and an edge to it. The friendly nature makes you popular among your colleagues, peer and social group. A man gets attracted towards the things that make him feel good and happy. So, always carry a sweet smile on your face and communicate in a friendly tone.

Think before you speak

Many people move their tongue faster than their mind. They speak whatever comes in their mind without giving a thought to it, reflecting themselves as stupid. Well, I firmly believe that it’s “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Don’t speak, just for sack of speaking.

Be clear

I find that many people pretend to be intelligent and smart than others. They never say what exactly they wish to say and give hints at things. This indirect communication not only creates confusion, but lessens your respect in others eyes as well. None of us wants to spend time and energy to figure out such indirect communication. So, whenever you want to say something, first ask yourself, “What would be the simple and straight way to communicate or put your point”.

Don’t talk too much

Last week I met with an event organizer. Very first I was impressed with him and thought of hiring him for upcoming events. Although, the more he communicated the less impressed I became. There are very few people who talk so much and make interesting conversation.

Be Real

We always find someone attractive who is real, genuine, speaks honest and doesn’t pretend. When people are double faced, the only thing you will know for sure is that you can’t trust either of their image. So, Be real.

Speak with confidence

Success comes with confidence and self belief. Confidence is more like self appreciation that gives you courage to speak up, lead the conversation and win hearts. People will only listen to you if you speak with confidence and belief in what you are saying. While speaking confidently, it is important to tone down your voice, make eye contact, and choosing positive and appropriate words along with proper body language.

Focus on your body language

Body language plays an important role in communication and conveying a message, even while having verbal communication. It brings meaning and communicates respect and interest.

Be concise

Most people get irritated from a detailed and confusing conversation. When someone is not clear or concise with what he or she wants to say, it makes a negative impact on listeners. If you find yourself in such situation, then ask yourself, “How can I say what needs to be said using the few and appropriate words while still being courteous and respectful?”

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