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I always wanted to be “a leader” ever since I was a child. Most of my life, I worked hard to make my dream come true, so to become a successful leader among my friends and colleagues. My imaginations, thoughts and actions all were dipped in the essence of my dream. I wanted to inspire others and make a significant difference in a way that will apart me from others or bossy managers. For me, bring a leader meant to prove myself good enough to get appreciation and acknowledgement of others.
As my interaction with real world got intense and when I practically experienced the reality and learned to live the life, I realized that a true leader never tries to lead. He simply stays kind to others, observes and learns from them. By default, a leader is a teacher who doesn’t try to please everyone, but accepts every aspect of his process and quietly sprinkles the shower of enlightenment on his teammates to follow the same. I began to realize the impact of choices that I made. It wasn’t limited to me, it was more than me.
I found that the positive impact of actions faded away on the people around me, whenever my mind was occupied with worries and fear about others’ perceptions and observations. I gradually got to understand that there is lot to do, just by simply enjoying my own life genuinely, honestly and by following my own intuitions. As it is said by Lao Tzu that “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”. My thoughts and actions clearly reflect in my blogs that you can access at
I think, it is very important to understand the power of introspection that helps understand who really you are and what matters to you. Introspection helps you in realizing your real potential, abilities and wakes up your inner leader. I do believe that we all are leaders and have something to inspire others. Do you…? Life is no longer a story of comparison and competition, if we all choose to arouse a leader within. My experience says that “lead by example” is the best theory of leadership. A leader should be recognized for his wisdom, responsible, reliable and loving nature.
Ask yourself ‘Am I a manager or a leader? “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt. A manager works with certain tactics, focuses and controls the systems, whereas a leader is an innovator who focuses on people and their emotions, inspires them, leads them and challenges the way things are. A leader is purpose driven who acts like a teammate, listens with intention, possesses simple and straightforward perspective and builds trust among his teammates.
Regardless of the formal designation and title, a leader chooses to be simple, honest, practical, friendly and accountable yet carries a winner’s attitude. Being a purpose driven person, a leader always defines and shares purpose with his teammates and supports them in the best possible way. This helps you enrich your professional, personal and spiritual life. You will feel the power/ effect of ‘law of reciprocity’ as your teammates begin to develop leadership qualities and improve their self image, like you have achieved being a leader. So, awake your inner leader, create some fire and pass it on!!
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