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Let’s keep it simple and let’s look for the primary definition of What is Leadership in a Dictionary – “Leadership is the Action of Leading a group of People or an Organization or the Ability to do so.” 

If you read this definition carefully, its defining leadership as an “Action” not as a position. Yet most people focus on the part of having a leadership ‘Position’ to lead people or organizations.

Yes leadership position is important and helpful to be a leader but it’s not mandatory to have a position to lead people or organizations. Anyone can be a leader through their actions.

Here is a definition of What is Leadership focusing more on the action part of it:

Leadership is being an Extraordinary Human Being & Extraordinary Performer such that it Automatically Inspires people to follow you.

-Mitesh Khatri

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When you are Perform Extraordinary at your work, then you will find people automatically following you. And along with being extraordinary performance if you are also a great human being then you will find people role modeling you and wanting to become like you, even if you don’t have the position of a leader. That is why to be a great leader it is important to have a combination of both Extraordinary Performance & Character.

Having only one of them is simply not an option when you talk about leadership.

Ask yourself, do you get inspired by people who are ordinary or extraordinary? Do you personally want to become like a good human being or a great human being?

You see my point, we are all naturally and automatically inspired by extraordinary performance and greatness in human beings.​

Here are examples of people who became legendary leaders without any position, simply because of their extraordinary actions and great human character:

  • ​Mahatma Gandhi – One of the greatest leaders in the world, Mahatma Gandhi does not need any introduction. He never had a position since beginning but through his “extraordinary actions” millions of people got inspired and started following him. People wanted to be lead by Mahatma Gandhi, they did not care what title he had in the Indian Politics. This is because people respected him as a great human being.
  • The same is true for leaders like Nelson Mandela who started with no position but his actions inspired millions and he became the President of South Africa.
  • Sachin Tendulkar – His consistent actions made him a world leader in cricket calling him the Master Blaster. Sachin inspired millions of people play like him, in-fact many people even started watching crickets and became cricket fans because of Sachin Tendulkar. The same is true for other sports leaders like Lionel Messi in Football, Tiger Woods in Golf, Vishwanath Anand in Chess, Andre Agassi in Tennis, Vishwanath Anand in Chess.
  • Gautam Budha – Now here is a peson who actually quit his leadership position in his Kingdom but he still became a legendary leader in the Spiritual World. His actions have inspired billions of people to follow his teachings, so much so that an entire religion is name after him.
  • Ratan Tata is another man who needs no introduction. People are automatically inspired to follow him, due to his extraordinary performance and because of his great human being character.

​Now some people may argue that only extraordinary performance is enough to be a leader. But think about people like Hitler, Vijay Mallya, Asaram Bapu, Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, they were all extraordinary at what they did. Question is: would you like to become like them? Would you like to follow their footsteps? Would you like your children to become lik them?

NO! Why not? Its because they lack the characteristics of being great human beings right!

While some people like Narayan Murthi, Steve Jobs, Narendra Modi or Barack Obama may be born to become great leaders, thanks to them we can now study them to learn leadership. We can now train ourselves as leaders and we must train ourselves at 3 levels of leadership.

3 Levels of Leadership:

If you want to be a successful leader in the corporate world then you must must practice leadership at 3 levels. Here is a brief understand of these 3 levels of leadership:



Level 1 is the foundation of leadership and thus it is called Self Leadership. Here we focus on learning the qualities & skills required to be extraordinary in our actions & character.



Level 2 is People Leadership, here we focus on aquiring qualities & skills required to influence people to have axtraordinary actions & great human character.



Level 3 is all about leading your business, leading your organization. Here we focus on learning qualities & skills required to take your organization to greater heights.

In this free leadership workshop we will focus only on Level 1 – Self Leadership to create a strong foundation before you transform to L2 & L3. Once you complete L1 only then can you enroll for the L2 Leadership Training.

So let’s start with Level 1 of Self Leadership, let’s learn how you can become extraordinary at your work & also become a great human being who inspires people.

Starting with ​Self Leadership

​Now that you are clear about the 3 levels of leadership transformation. Let us start with the foundation of your first level. This lesson will reveal to you the secret between ordinary people vs extraordinary people – Leaders! You can download the first lesson in PDF format here…

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