Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

Trust is the foundation of Leadership. Because your ability to build trust will decide your ability to influence and lead people.A very old metaphor used to explain trust is “Trust is like a Glass, once broken it cannot be put together again. Even if you do put it together, it will always have a crack in it” This metaphor suggests that trust is fragile like a glass and that once broken cannot be rebuilt.Metaphors can help us see things clearly but wrong metaphors can make things complicated. I think this metaphor that “Trust is like a Glass” is inappropriate. So i here i suggest a new metaphor for building trust.

Trust is like a Bank account where we can Withdraw and reduce trust but we can also Deposit to create a rich trust account or to re-build trust. This metaphor suggests that trust is something we can consciously build by depositing slowly and steadily and if we make a mistake by withdrawing trust then we can also deposit and rebuild trust anytime.

In a bank account we use Cash & Cheque to make deposits/withdrawals, similarly in a Trust Bank Account we use Communication and Commitments to make deposits/withdrawals. We can use this metaphor to understand how to build trust in any relationship in a very short period of time.

All you have to do is:

  1. Recognize what withdrawals are you unconsciously making in your communication and commitments which is reducing trust with people
  2. Recognize what deposits need to be made with your communication style and commitments to increase trust with people

This simple approach can help you become a better leader and increase your capacity to influence more and more people. You can read more on this topic of Trust Bank Account in Chapter 10 of my book “Awaken The Leader In you” which you can get from here

All the Best in Building Trust!