Our Life is a Result of our Daily Rituals. These Rituals are like small waves which create Giant Waves over a period of time.

All Leaders understand have daily rituals which they follow every single day due to which they create Giant Results in their life.Here are some great examples:

1. Sachin Tendulkar has a daily ritual of practising cricket every single morning and look at the giant results he created

2. Robin Sharma has a daily ritual of writing his goals, his action plan every single morning which made him a giant best selling author of his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

Most importantly look in your life. I am sure you have created some Giant Results in your life by practising some daily rituals already. You must have also observed that there are certain areas where you are not able to achieve your goals, primarily because you don’t practice the required daily rituals for those goals.

For an example:

  • If you want to lose weight then you must exercise every morning & eat healthy food as a daily ritual.
  • If you want to be a writer then you must write every morning as a ritual.
  • If you want to get a top rating appraisal then you must look at your roles & responsibilities and rate yourself every morning as a ritual.

All successful leaders use Daily Rituals to create Giant Results in their life. I am sure this makes sense to you and you are probably thinking you must also create some daily rituals for yourself. Well, here are some easy steps to follow as a guideline while creating your daily rituals:

  1. Decide what are your Goals
  2. Write down the required daily rituals which can help you achieve these goals
  3. Allot a specific time for daily rituals and start practising them every day. (Preferably every morning)
  4. Lastly create a small calendar on which you would tick every day for practising your rituals and put a cross for the day you fail to practice your rituals

This will help you kick start your daily rituals and create giant results in your life over a period of time. This is not just my opinion it is a proven fact by Dr Anders Ericsson: a Psychologist Professor at Florida State University. He proved through research based data that excellence is not just good luck or a gift that people are born with. Excellence is created by deliberate practice of 10,000 hours. Yes if you practice something for 10,000 hours you will become excellent at it, no doubt!

But don’t get scared of the big number 10,000 hours, it is just a big number made of many small numbers. So if you start small and do your daily rituals every day, reaching 10,000 hours will be natural one day. Narayan Murthy once said “Think Big but don’t hesitate to start small”

So start your Daily Rituals today 🙂

Your Partner in Daily Rituals

Mitesh Khatri