What is Self Self Esteem? Let's start with reading the following simple definition to understand what is self esteem...

​But why is it important to invest time in learning what is self esteem and how to improve it? 

Here is a small story to understand the true meaning of self esteem and its importance.

Two friends decided to invest money in stock exchange together as partners. They were lucky enough to get a sure shot tip from a stock exchange agent to invest in a small company wo was going public in a few days. Both the friends decided to take the risk and purchased 10,000 shares of this small company at Rs 10 per share and thus invested Rs 1 Lakh as partners. 

1 Year later their stock value went from Rs 10 per share to Rs 1,000 per share and over night they made Rs 1 Crore​. Obviously they were very happy, excited and their self esteem "how they felt about themselves" improved dramatically.

These friends got more confident and re-invested the entire 1 Crore in another stock and lost the entire amount plus suffered an additional loss of Rs 10 lakhs in just 1 day after that.​

One of them felt so sad and depressed about himself and his financials loss that he committed suicide. The other friend stayed strong and confident about himself, took control of his investments and made his money back in a year after that.

In this story, which person had a low esteem and which person had a high self esteem?

Obviously the friend who committed suicide had a low self esteem because how he felt about was completely dependent on his financials status. Profits made him feel happy and confident about himself but losses made him feel depressed and worthless about himself. As a result he thought his life was not worth living and he committed suicide. Such is the danger of a low self esteem.

The second friend who stayed confident and strong always had a high self esteem. So while he was naturally happy and excited with profits, but he did not feel low in confidence and worthless about himself even when he lost all his money. Rather he was confident enough to take control of his life, recovered from his losses and became successful again in his life. Such is the power of a high self esteem.



Life is full of ups and downs, success and failure, good luck and bad luck, good relationships and bad relationships, life will always have positive and negative situations.

​If we have a low self esteem then we will always be dependent on our success, good luck, financial achievements or good relationships to make us feel happy and great about ourselves. With a low self esteem we get strongly impacted by the negative situations, bad luck, failures and bad relationships in our life and we will find it difficult to recover from them.

When we have a high self esteem we will enjoy and get excited with success and achievements but we will not be dependent on them. So when things go down, if we lose money, or fail at something or go through a break up from a bad relationship, or experience a stroke of bad luck or anything negative, with a high self esteem we continue to feel confident and positive about ourselves. As a result we find it easy to recover quickly and keep growing in-spite of all the challenges.

To summarize High Self Esteem is feeling great about yourself irrelevant of success or failure.

Low Self Esteem is being dependent on success and failure to feel great about yourself.

I am sure now you realize how important it is to have a high self esteem​. And obviously you are thinking of the million dollar question, how to create a high self esteem?

1 Simple Step to Improve your Self Esteem​

Before i share 1 simple step to improve self esteem, i want you to remember the definition of self esteem once again. 

How you feel about yourself irrelevant of what you have or don't have is the true measure of your self esteem.

-Mitesh Khatri

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If you read clearly in this definition above, self esteem is how we feel about yourselves irrelevant of what you have or don't have. So here is best way to improve your self esteem...

Step 1 - Repeat your Self Esteem in the Mirror before you start brushing your teeth

Every morning before you start brushing, look in the mirror and repeat the following self esteem statement, I personally do this every morning...

I love myself and feel confident about myself irrelevant of what I have or don't have today.​

When you repeat this self esteem statement to yourself, you consciously improve and maintain a high self esteem. By repeating this ever morning to yourself, you refuse to be dependent on your success to feel a high sense of self esteem.

Now when you experience failures or bad relationships or any kind of negative situation, instead of going down emotionally you will continue to feel strong and confident of yourself.

If you don't consciously maintain a high self esteem then unconsciously you will create a low self esteem. So keep repeating your self esteem to yourself, infact let's do it right now, repeat it with me...I love myself and feel confident about myself irrelevant of what I have or don't have today.​

Especially repeat your self esteem to yourself in the mirror when you are experiencing unwanted situations of life and instantly you will feel the power of your high self esteem.

I hope I have been able to serve you with this simple article on self esteem, take care and continue loving yourself, feel great about yourself irrelevant of what you have or don't have in your life.

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