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My Money Blueprint – Beliefs That Have Made Me RichMy Money Blueprint

What is the difference between people who are Rich vs Poor?

Why do some people attract money while some people attract struggle?

How can i become Rich and Success?

These are the questions I asked myself when i started my career. Initially I met people who said in order to be rich and successful I need to have:

  • Good Luck
  • Capital Investment
  • Special Education
  • Special Opportunities
  • Good Market Conditions
  • Good People to support me, etc

I struggled for many years trying to achieve all the above but then thankfully I read some amazing books that transformed my life and I suggest you read them too:

Reading such wonderful books taught me that the first and the most important secret to become rich is my Money Blueprint.

Just like the Blueprint of a house decides how the house will be built, similarly I learnt that we also have a Money Blueprint in our mind which decided how much money we make.

Our Money Blueprint is made of how we Feel, Think, Believe & Act in regards of Money.

In this Blog I want to share with you 5 of my personal Money Beliefs that have helped me create a Rich Money Blueprint.

You may Read it or Watch me explain my Money Blueprint on this Video:

5 Beliefs that made Financially Rich:

  1. Making Money is EasyMost people struggle because they believe that making money is difficult but rich people believe that making money is easy and it is this mindset, this belief that helps us attract money in abundance easily and effortlessly. Ask yourself do you believe making money is easy?
  2. There is more than enough Money for Everyone in the market – Poor people always believe that there is limited amount of money in the market and thus they hate competition and get jealous when other people make money. Rich people always believe that there is more than enough for everyone, so we love competition and be happy when other people or competitors make money. For an example sometimes I come to know that my client is giving business to one of my competitors. Every time this happens I say “Thank You God for more than enough business for everyone in the market” and then I feel happy for my fellow competitor. Ask yourself do you believe there is enough for everyone or do you get jealous of others?
  3. Giving Money Attracts More Money – Poor people feel bad while giving money because they believe that giving money will reduce their income. Rich people feel while giving money because they know that giving attracts more money. We understand that when we all give money to each other the flow of money is going to increase thus rich people are as happy to give as we are to receive money. Thus rich people happily pay taxes, give charity donations, give generous tips and allow people to make money through them. Ask yourself, do you believe that giving money attract more to you? Do you act as per this belief?
  4. Money is Good, Money is God – Poor people believe that money is bad, money is evil. Even though they want money they keep cursing money all the time and blame money for all the problems in their personal and professional life. Rich people know and believe that money is good, in-fact they believe that money is God and thus they always talk about money with Respect. I personally love money and I am always grateful for luxurious and abundant life that money gives me. Ask yourself. do you sometimes believe that money is bad, money corrupts people, money is evil?
  5. Money must be made by Giving Extraordinary Value – Poor people believe in making money by giving ordinary value services and thus they always make ordinary amount of money. Rich people believe that money must be made by giving nothing less than extraordinary value in return, thus they always make extraordinary amount of money. If you are not the AR Rahman or the Amitabh Bachan of your field then you wont attract the kind of money they attract. Ask yourself, are you providing extraordinary value in return of the money that you are making?

These are the beliefs that have helped me become financially rich and make money effortlessly in my career. I hope this helps you re-visit and re-create your money blueprint and attract the kind of money that you truly desire and deserve.

Take Care & Create a Rich Money Blueprint!

Mitesh Khatri


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      Thanks for sharing the nuggets the blue print
      I am reading your book. .awaken the leader in you ..motivational thoughts ..walking on …fire transforming
      Ordinary to extra ordinary people
      Leaders mindset and liked your idea of summary in last ??

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Hi VKjaswal,

        I am glad you enjoyed the blog and happy to know the book is serving value. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate on my blog 🙂

        Mitesh Khatri


      Thank you Mitesh for sharing Money Blue Print and your language is always very simple and understandable may be your book or when you speak.

    • Radhika

      Thank you Mitesh for sharing this. Thanks for making this ‘extra’ ordinary for ordinary people.

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