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My name is Mitesh Khatri, welcome to my Blog, in this week I will share with you a powerful strategy to achieve your Goals and master your life.

The strategy of having an Accountability Partner. All great achievers have accountability partners to whom they declare their goals before and after achieving their goals. This system is simple yet powerful where you declare your goals to someone and be accountable to update them at the end date of your goals.

That’s it, no conversations with your partner, no coaching, just plain simple accountability of declaring the start and end of your goals. You will be amazed at the intense drive you feel within yourself to achieve your goals when you become accountable to someone. But let me not just talk about this, let me lead by example and practice it with you.

To start with I am making you my Accountability Partner this week by declaring my goals for Week 1 Sep’15.

We don’t need a grand plan to be a master of our life, just small steps to make us stronger every week. If you continue this journey with me every week, you will be surprised how far we can go in 1 Year.

My Goals Sep

To start with here are my Sep Week 1 Goals:

  1. I will easily wake up at 6 am every morning and Exercise for 30 minutes with 15 mins of Tibetan Rites + 10 mins of Pranayam + 100 Push-ups
  2. I will easily complete writing 3 more Chapters of my new Book by 6th Sep’15
  3. I will easily write and record 2 Blogs with Videos by 6th Sep’15.

By declaring my goals to hundreds of people here on my blog, I am creating a system of accountability for myself. This gives me an internal drive and commitment to follow through my goals. At the end of this week on 6th Sep, I will write another blog with an update of my Goals Status.

If you too would like to achieve your goals then simply declare them below to make me your Accountability Partner.

Next week I will share with you more powerful strategies to achieve your goals and keep yourself motivated.

Until then, Be Accountable!


Mitesh Khatri

Leadership Trainer & Best-Selling Author


    3 replies to "My Goals Sep-15 Week 1"

    • Sachin Nerpagare

      Hi Mitesh,
      I guess this is exactly what was missing so far – Accountability
      No too much to eat at once but having you as my accountability partner I declare to achieve 1 goal this week (Part of your goal but I need to go for it)
      – I will easily wake up at 6 am everyday and will excercise for 30 minutes
      and I will update you end of this week about it.
      Thank you
      Sachin Nerpagare

    • Mitesh Khatri

      Excellent Sachin, I’ll race you to the finish line end of this week. Let’s win together ?

      • Sachin

        On Target – Achieved and feels awesome – It was not that difficult at all – silly me, its just never tried with accountability 🙁
        Already set next set of goals for this week and running on target – at least today being the first day:)
        Thanks Mitesh for simple though amazing steps!

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