I turned off my alarm, rubbed my eyes and tried to see the watch and then calendar!! Ohh, no it’s Monday! I have to go to office. I took a deep breath, hugged my pillow so tightly, laid half asleep and half trying to leave my darling bed. In those five minutes, I answered several questions coming in my mind. The alarm started ringing again. So, it’s time to get up and start chasing with the clock and traffic to reach office on time, but it would be miracle if I made it happen! 😉 In between the way, I prepared myself for boss’s yelling and all other bullshit things. Yeah, you got that right..I get bore with my routine. I never feel excited any about it. I want change!!

Well, we all can imagine ourselves in this story. There are times when we begin to feel stuck, anxious and bewildered, don’t you?  Well, I do agree!! What we require is a simple dose of motivation. As it is said by Ralph Waldo Emerson that “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. It means, it is all within us. We need to get out of our own struggles and issues that begin to make us feel as if we are the only one who is going through these sufferings and boring routine. I recalled pondering that I had met many friends and people, who attended my motivational training sessions, too were feeling the same way as you do earlier.

Have you ever asked yourself, would you really be that motivated to keep going each day? How motivated can you stay in odd situations? Stop being judgemental and defensive, accept with open heart and embrace your faults. Motivation is what makes us move and positive for our dreams. “Nothing is impossible” is the great theory of motivation that not only helps you nurture your professional life, but makes you feel excited, happy and positive also about everything around you. I would like to share some simple motivational practices in context to corporate world that may sound very common, but you would wonder how effective these are.

Define your vision

Be sure of your desires and goals. The clear vision helps you deal with the expected twists and turns of your journey.

Be practical

Practicality will make you learn the nature of events and release the importance of present moment. You will find the small things you are ignoring or taking as burdens, are very valuable. Take them as learning lessons.


Positive communication helps you express your visions and ideas, especially in corporate industry. It is important to outburst the negative and all bothering thoughts. It is the most effective way to refuel yourself and your dreams with the power of “yes, I can”. In corporate world, positive communication culture plays a significant role that enables managers and personnel to share their thoughts and work together in order to accomplish company’s business objectives. It helps them understand the upcoming changes and reduce uncertainty. The communication training sessions can be arranged for managers, you simply need to logon to www.miteshkhatri.com.

Find creative and productive activities

Always keep finding creative ways to perform monotonous tasks. Figure out the interesting or productive activities that give you pleasure. Along with the work, try to enjoy your passion. “The most powerful weapon on earth is the Human soul on fire” ~ Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch. This fire keeps you motivated in both professional and personal life. Difficult tasks become your baby, if you are energized, willing and content.

Practice random acts of kindness

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted”. Some simple words have magical power to hit the soft spot in the heart and mind of a person like ‘Thank You’, ‘Good job’, ‘Well done’ etc. In corporate industry, positive feedbacks are very encouraging remarks for employees to maintain their work efficiency and performance. Employees should learn to take negative feedbacks as opportunities to self-improvement.

Don’t be a jerk

Well, don’t take me wrong, but we all are very judgmental. This halts us in becoming practical and learn new things, and if we are clear in our views and not biased, we can learn new ways to become happy. One needs to use his/her concise, wisdom and experience to understand the situations. Don’t behave like a jerk. If a manager shows trust and respect towards his team, it will get back to him as well. This is called intelligent work.

Keep smiling and have fun

Life is too short to cry, so keep smiling. It is contagious. Sometime time you need to lighten up all the burdens and make fun like a child. Fun always pays off. The creative and recreational workplace environment helps employees to enjoy their work. It has positive impact on their work performance and efficiency.

Challenge fears

I honestly believe,‘darr ke aage jeet hai’ (Behind the fear, there is success). When you win your fear nothing is impossible. It gives you immense encouragement. So, challenge your fears and defeat them.

Offer rewards and incentives

Incentive programs and rewards are highly motivating piece of cakes for employees.  Their measures can be based on the actual performance and achievement of targeted goals. According to a study conducted by International Society of Performance Improvement on the benefits of incentive programs, such programs improve an individual’s and team’s performances by 22 and 44 per cent respectively

Be supportive

A team leader needs to be supportive and provide new opportunities to his/her teammates and individual to learn new skills and experiment with new approaches. Appropriate resources and development training should be planned for the employees.

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