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Hi,Today is one of the most important days of my life, thus I wanted to write on one of the most important topics of life: The Art of Appreciation.

Many people like receiving appreciation generously but they are stingy in giving. Well if you have a group of people in a room and everybody is focusing on receiving appreciation then no-body would receive it because no-one is focusing on giving appreciation.

Its ture…The more we give, the more we receive appreciation. But ask yourself, are you more focused on giving or receiving? How much appreciation do you express to your family, friends, colleagues, seniors, customers. If you do an honest assessment you may realize that many times we are stingy in expressing appreciation.

I just got a call from a School Friend called Pranav and he took more than 5 minutes to generously appreciate me for the work i do and how happy he is to see me grow in life. His honest & generous words of appreciation worked like fuel to elevate my self esteem and gave a great kick start to my day. It felt really good, thank you Pranav 🙂

I wish we all could practice appreciation like Pranav and spread happiness & smiles all around us. Here are simple steps to practice the art of appreciation:

  1. Recognize something positive about a person
  2. Say it in one line because one line can have great impact on people – Here are some examples: “You are an awesome listener, a great human being, a loving spouse, the most caring Mother/Father, most supportive Sister/Brother, my closest Friend, etc”
  3. Give few details to validate your appreciation – When you get into the details, your appreciation becomes more genuine and generous. For an example, here is my genuine appreciation for you my reader. “I love the way you focus on Learning, you are an awesome learner. The fact that you read my blog regularly, you think about such topics, you take the effort to come to the internet to learn good stuff proves that you are truly focused on learning. I really appreciate this quality of yours, thank you so much for being such an awesome person” (BTW i really mean this appreciation for you!) This is how we give some details to validate our appreciation so the other person knows that you have been observing their positive actions. This gives them great satisfaction and appreciation!
  4. Thank the person for their positive quality – Remember to thank them for being who they are. When you express appreciation with gratitude it elevates the person to a completely new level of experience.

Do practice these 4 steps with your friends, family and make them happy by appreciating then genuinely and generously.




    2 replies to "The Art of Appreciation"

    • Saurabh Shah

      Very true !!!
      As a practising manager it is essential to genuinely appreciate the team members for their contribution. A small note of appreciation shall make a huge difference in the working style of the individul.

      Thanks Mitesh for putting this blog together.

      ~ Cheers

    • Abhay

      Really Fantastic Practice!!!and Very True.
      Appreciation also helps to make Personal As well as professional life,
      i am observing huge positive change due to this.
      Thanks Mitesh

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