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There is a success formula for everything in life, yet many people do a lot of trial & error to get what they want, which is a big waste of time.
Why do trial & error, when there are experts who have tried & tested success formulas. Someone somewhere is definitely an expert at what you want, just look for those people and hire them to learn their success formula. Simple!
I wasted many years trying to lose weight at home by doing a lot of trial & error by reading books, reading tips on google, getting tips from friends who had never lost weight. But finally, I got results only when I hired an expert who knew the Success Formula to lose weight. And Wolla, I lost 10 kilos & 4 inches in just 52 days and I’m getting stronger everyday.
I strongly believe Success = 20% Strategy + 80% Psychology so find & hire experts who can give you tried & tested formula for the strategy as well as the psychology for your goals.
If you can invest in Dinner+Drinks+Coffee, then you can definitely invest some money in hiring an expert to give you the Success Formula for what you truly want to achieve in your life.
I wish you all the best for your goals and hope you find your Success Formula Expert 🙂
Your Goal Achieving Partner
Mitesh Khatri

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      Good one 80-20 rule implies even here

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