Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

Recently my book got accepted by a publisher and thus I and Indu were making goals about how many books we can personally sell in the first year. I said, we will sell 10,000 books in the first year but immediately after I said it, we realized that it seems like a really difficult & scary goal.
But then we also realized that if we truly want to have fun in life then we must make Scary Goals not comfortable goals. For an example if you jump off a small table, would you really have fun?
NO you won’t, in-fact it would be boring, right!
But if you do Bungee Jumping, would you have some fun in that?
You bet, there will be loads of fun in Bungee Jumping but it will also be Scary, right!
Bottom line is…If you want to have some real fun in life, make some Scary Goals. If you make comfortable goals, you’ll be bored.
I truly wish that you be Courageous + Risky + Gutsy and make some Scary Goals today, Come on let’s have some fun in life.
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Mitesh Khatri