Hello Friends, Welcome to my personal blog on my new website. Here you will regularly receive cutting edge techniques for personal and professional development, in the form of Articles, Audios & even Videos.


Today I start my first article with favorite topic – Responsibility! Yes this has been my favorite learning which has been the source of my personal/professional success & happiness. I strongly believe and promote the following in my trainings


Not people and situations, I am Responsible for my life!

No matter what is going on in your life, no matter how wrong things or people are in your life, but how you experience that is your responsibility. People who take responsibility for their life, don’t blame and complain, they take action to be in=-charge of what they experience.
If you have a Boss you don’t like, then take Responsibility and take the necessary action to get along with him. If you don’t like your job then take responsibility and take the necessary action to enjoy your job or get a job you love. If you have trouble in your marriage then stop getting depressed and rake responsibility to clean up the mess and restore your relationship through counseling help. If you are not satisfied with your income then do something to increase it. If you want something, anything that you don’t have, then you must take Responsibility and take action to achieve it, blaming & complaining is not going to help. If you are over-loaded with work, learn to say NO. If someone is criticizing you and don’t like it then take Responsibility and confront that person to set expectations and clear things out!


All I am saying is take Responsibility and take action, be in-charge of your life experiences. You may not be in control of what situations happen in your life or what people come in your life, but you are definitely in control of how you deal with those situations and people because…people and situations are not responsible for your life, you are, after all its your life, take control of it NOW by taking Responsibility for it!


I personally practice this every day and invite you to live the following 48 hours of your life as if you are in-charge of your life experiences. Take Responsibility for your personal happiness and success.


Lots of Love & Peace
Mitesh Khatri