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Hey Extraordinary Leader,

How are you doing? I’m sure you are being your 100% Best. I was reading a great book and thought of making a list of the Leadership Lessons that have changed my life:

  1. Leaders take 100% Responsibility for their life, they don’t blame, they don’t complaint, they don’t give excuses. They simply take responsibility for everything in their life. This way they have complete control in their life.
  2. Leaders practice Emotional Intelligence, they don’t believe that feelings happen to them, they believe that they can control what they feel in any situation of their life. That’s the way they control the experiences of their life.
  3. Leaders practice generous appreciation, they take every opportunity to boost people’s self esteem through genuine and generous appreciation. They love making people happy.
  4. Leaders practice maintaining High Energy at all times, they learn innovative ways to boost their energy levels even in the evenings when most people get exhausted. In-fact they generate so much energy that they energize anybody in their presence naturally and easily.
  5. Leaders expect very High Standards from themselves and from others, they demand results which are beyond ordinary in every area of life. Whether it is personal fitness, business, relationships, they create high standards for themselves and expect the same from others around them.
  6. Leaders are focused on their goals, nothing can distract them from what they truly want to achieve. Once they have decided their goal, then they don’t allow any limitation, any problem to come in their way.
  7. Leaders focus on people a little more than they focus on goals because the realize that people are always more important than goals. This gives them the ability to practice immense patience with people even when they are not performing.
  8. Leaders believe problems & failures make them stronger, thus they are always ready to face problems happily. They are clear that it is problems and failures that will give them the best of their experience, solutions can only give them temporary celebrations.
  9. Leaders have clear Priorities, they live every single day of their life with absolute clarity of what is important to them. They will never choose to regret at the end of the day thinking they should have done something earlier, they choose acting on the right priorities at the right time.
  10. Leaders are Innovators, they love doing things differently so that everything they do gets better everyday. When something does not work for them they don’t think “it is not working” they believe “I just have to do it differently”

These Leadership Practices have changed my life, i hope they add value to your life too. Be a role model for great leadership for everyone around you and live with Passion 🙂

Your Partner in Leadership

Mitesh Khatri

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