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Time Management – makes life simple

‘Time Management’, the word itself feels very scary to some people who are messed up with their routine works and spend most of their time on the go. The strict schedules, rules and to-do-list are more like nightmares to them. Do you feel overloaded with work? Do you find yourself missing deadlines or just forget to do something important? Do you feel stressed and completely exhausted with your schedule?  I guess, most of the responses won’t be completely positive. Right…!!!

Possibly, many of the people think that they could manage their time schedule in more efficient manner; but it could be hard to identify the silly mistakes they are making and ways to correct them. When you learn to deal with the time crisis, you can conquer all the challenges caused by hectic schedule. The proper scheduling of routine tasks make you more productive and happier. The stress gets disappear and you enjoy performing task with great devotion and interest. In short, we can say that life gets simple!!

I would like to share few simple time management practices that will definitely help you organize your life without much effort such as

Preparing lists/to-do list

The simplest practice is to prepare a short to-do list and writing down your routine works on plain white paper. This helps you prioritize all the tasks and perform accordingly. It is very effective and sensible practice. Try to avoid overwhelming your to do list.

Utilize free or down time

While driving, walking, showering or any free or down time, you can think about the important tasks or goals for the next day. You can prioritize the tasks and plan actions in order accomplish them.

Praise and reward yourself

When you achieve important tasks praise and reward yourself for implementing time management skills and practices. For example: ‘Anthony Burgess’ the author of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ followed ‘Martini Method’ for accomplishment of his tasks. He used to take a day off and relax with a martini when he completed with the set target of 1, 000 words per day. Such rewarding practices improve your productivity and motivate you to perform tasks more effectively.

Set personal deadlines

Obviously, nobody (or none of us) likes deadlines. But, I ensure you that the personal deadlines lessen your stress and help you get things done before or on time. Be very practical with yourself and accept self challenges. It is a very interesting practice, when you chase set personal targets or deadlines. This makes you more productivity in long run and save lots of time.

Concentrate on one thing

Don’t try to prove yourself a Superman who is multitasking. It may ruin your work efficiency. We all are skilled and have certain limitations. Concentration is the key to success for crucial achievements.

Be a long term planner

Human mind is very fickle and easily loses its focus. The long term planning helps you in precise analysis of current objectives and visualizing long term goals. Whenever your mind get disturbed or distracted with the thought, “why am I putting so much effort to this work right now? I could be relaxing on my couch and watching TV instead”, then just give a look at your long term objective and think, ‘will such an attitude take you to your destination?’. You will realize the importance of that work. Keep updating your goals and revising your planner once a month.

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